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  • I will no longer be selling to addresses outside the UK until I see what adjustments I may need to make to do so correctly due to all the changes re: Brexit.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back onto this once things start to roll smoothly with the process and when I know what postage costs may be as well as any other procedures that may arise.

Very sorry for this 'temporary' (hopefully) pause in my shipping to you overseas but I will rectify this as soon as possible and I am sure and comfortable with it.


Frequently asked questions


Yes! Please drop me a message via the contact page letting me know your commission ideas/queries and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What materials do you use in your paintings?

* I'm very focused on the quality of my surfaces and the paints, or any other mediums I may use such as pastels or pencils. I want to achieve a good result so look for pigment quality and also archival quality. When I spend many, many hours on a piece, I don't want it to be faded and ready for the bin in a few years! I want my artwork to outlast me, and because of that, I research what I use thoroughly and test any new hopefuls against what I currently use if they look like they may be promising. * I sometimes use Chromacolor acrylics and Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylics, but I mostly use Schmincke Primacryl acrylics as I find that they are very good for pigment quality and they simply exceed the other well known ones in my own opinion. I also use the Schmincke Horadam watercolours for the same reasons. * For oils, my absolute favourite has to be the Michael Harding oil paints. I sometimes use Gamblin Artists Oil Colour and occassionally the Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyds as they tend to be quicker drying. * If you would like to know more about what I use in different mediums, please message via the contact page - otherwise this page would simply go on too long! * My surfaces may differ but to me it is very important as to how they've been primed and how they've been made. Claessens Artists canvas is really amazing. It is expensive but you know exactly what you're getting and how it was made. Also how it was 'sized' as that is important to me; some will use rabbit hide glue. The Claessens use a synthetic glue which is less sensitive to hunidity. I di use some other surfaces but again, this page could and would get much longer than necessary - please message via the Contact page if you have any more questions.

I ordered from you. How long will it be before I get it?

I tend to ship all orders between 1-2 days from purchase. I do try to send them out the same day where possible. Delivery(when it actually reaches you) times may vary, and, after it leaves me it is down to the delivery company. Unless you have chosen a special delivery(extra cost) then I can only give an estimate according to the delivery company, on when when you should receieve it. Please allow at least a few days either way, especially in bad weather or if you are international before contacting me regarding this. If you haven't received it within a week(UK) or 10 days(everywhere else), please DO get in touch. I like to know what is happening as much as possible and of course, the postal services/delivery providers should get your item to you within that time range. You paid for your item, I want to make sure you get it - simple as that. If you prefer to have a special delivery and pay the extra cost for that, please contact and I will obtain quotes for you. Sometimes you may be able to collect it from an event or exhibition I'm at freely or if original art, I may be able to deliver myself dependant on distance and of course that may be cheaper in some cases as well as a good way for me to ensure it gets to you safely.

Oh no, my item is damaged in the post!!

This doesn't happen very often and so far, touch wood, its not happened with anything I've sent yet. But accidents can and do happen, so here's how it goes... Let me know details as soon as possible and also send me a photograph via email of the damage. I can set the ball in motion to claim your money back from the post office/delivery company for the damaged item. In some instances I can send out a replacement if prints or cards. However, if its an original painting and should you not want a replacement but would prefer the painting regardless, we can either arrange a partial refund, or you could send the damaged one back to me and I could paint another - it would not be exactly the same but I'd do my best to make it as close as I could to the original piece yuo purchased. There is ALWAYS a way to sort things out and we'd find one, whether its another painting or replacement item, a claim/refund or seeing if you're original purchase could be fixed or anything else WE could think of that could result in a happy ending. Please note that after I take the parcel to the post office or courier it is out of my hands and I'm not in control as to what happens BUT I can help before or after to the best of my albilities and your package will be wrapped well to avoid any problems that could arise.

Sending fragile art

My watercolours and some acrylics are often glazed if framed. Special delivery is essential for fragile fine art with glazing and so will be added at checkout, at this time. Contact before purchasing to see if I am able to deliver this, often at a lower cost than the courier and I'm happy to see it arrive safely to you. You may also be able to collect from any event that I attend - drop me a message.

Shipping costs and packaging

Shipping costs tend to differ depending on item size and weight. I do aim to keep all costs as low as possible - the only exception to this is when shipping glazed/fragile paintings which need a specialist courier. Where possible I may deliver it myself depending on distance and this sometimes can take the cost down. Please contact me before purchase so that I can alter the price to suit if necessary. Packaging - I package my paintings with materials that ensure that the surface of your painting is not compromised in any way. Acid free archival based paper/tissue to wrap surfaces ensure this.


Fine quality paints and surfaces are used. Please ask if you'd like more details on the ones used in my paintings. Mounts used for my artwork or prints are Fine Art Trade Guild certified and won't fade or damage your artwork. When backing boards are used they are conservation-grade FSC certified. Clear gallery bag wraps keep your artwork clean and free of dust.

What name do you sign your work with?

I NOW tend to use my own name - Gaynor Lewis. I have also previously also used ArenA (spelt exactly like that), which was an old nickname I had many years ago. I am also the artist previously known as Fearneve. Depending on the year which the art or sculptures were created, they will be signed with one of those. Some of my miniature paintings from about 20 years ago will usually simply have my initials GL on them.