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Creating 'In Sleepy Oaks Woods...'

I had decided that my next project was to be a fairy house. I sketched out my idea and then cleaned it up in photoshop(see image below) before transferring it onto Arches Watercolor paper, 100% cotton, Hot Pressed.

I then transferred it to my watercolor paper and inked it with a sepia pen(see image below).

Then, I applied a mask film over my picture and carefully cut out the top, ready to begin painting the upper background. I applied some colour to the background.

Then I proceeded to paint in the grass stalks and the debris and the rocks at the foreground. Then finally I added a warm wash to the leaves.

I completed the leaves giving them that lovely rusty shade that we see in autumn and I painted in the main body of the 'house'. A tinge of colour added to water covers the cap to give it its first wash.

Then I painted the steps and the door. You can't see all the detail on the door from this view - some close ups to follow. Then I added more shading beneath the cap before starting to add washes of reds and oranges to the cap and the window sills. As the light began dropping I had to stop until the following day, when I would be laying more washes on the cap again.

A week later and In Sleepy Oaks Woods... is done!

I added more washes to the cap and more shadows under the cap. The windows and the overhang of the door were painted and then parts lifted out. When I had finished painting, I went over the details again with my sepia pen. Here is a close up of the door ~ I love fairy doors :)

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