In Sleepy Oaks Woods...

The progress of my painting - In Sleepy Oaks Woods...

I had decided that my next project was going to be a fairy house. I sketched out my idea and then I transferred it to photoshop to clean it up before transferring it onto Arches Watercolour paper, 100% cotton, Hot Pressed.

After I had drawn the cleaned up drawing to my surface, I inked it with a sepia pen.

Then, I removed the pencil marks and add new ones in the form of detail and shading, some of which will show through the paint washes (see image below)

I then applied a mask film for the top of the fairy house ready to begin painting the upper background.

I added some colour to the background.

Then proceeded to paint in the grass stalks and the debris and the rocks in the foreground. Then finally, I added a warm wash to the leaves.

Finished the leaves giving them that lovely rusty shade that we see in the autumn leaves and painted in the main body of the 'house'. A tinge of colour added to water covers the cap to give it its first wash.

I added more shading beneath the cap before starting to add washed of reds and oranges to the cap and the window sills. Also painted the steps and the door.

More washes were added to the cap and more shadows beneath the cap. The windows and the overhang of the door were painted, and then parts lifted out. After finishing the painting , I went over the details again with my sepia ink. And finally here is a close up of the door - I love fairy doors!

In Sleepy Oaks Woods...

If you look hard enough in Sleepy Oaks Woods you may find a fairy house or two...

Watercolours and ink.

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