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I thought that I would take the opportunity today to chat about my signature - that is the one or ones that feature on my artwork.

When viewing my work over the years, you will find that there are ones with Lewis, ArenA, Fearneve and G Lewis or Gaynor Lewis. All of them were created by me and I will explain below why they changed over the years. When I first started to produce my work many years ago with a view to selling it, I really did not like my signature and so sometimes instead of G Lewis, I'd simply put Lewis on them. As time went by I began to use a nickname that I was given a long time ago in my later teen years of ArenA. And so ArenA was my signature. ArenA actually progressed to ArenA-Creations until I eventually opened a small high street shop called Tiger Eye Design and I began to consider then, simply using my G Lewis one again. I eventually closed that shop due to health issues and spent the next several years trying to get back on my feet with life again.

I began to look to my spiritual side more, and for those that don't know me that well, a quick version of my beliefs /spiritual side has always been for the love and respect of nature and life. So several years ago I decided to venture into the Bardic Grade in Druidry with the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. For a time it bought me happiness and focus in my path. I decided to go to events and exhibitions once more but this time chose a name I felt fit me during my path - Fearneve.

The name Fearneve, pronounced 'Fair un Eve' is from Fearn (pronounced Fair un), which is the Celtic Tree Lore name of the Alder. The Alder has many magickal and spiritual associations. My ancestral name is Eve, sometimes spelt as Yve, though pronounced the same. Born during the Alder month and with her ancestral name ~ Fearneve. Most couldn't pronounce it without me telling them how... but regardless I soldiered on with it. I attended many events and many were indeed lovely and I met a lot of very wonderful and lovely people - until I didn't. A few years ago, it sort of took a side turn. Suddenly quite a few of the people I had surrounded myself with seemed nasty, bitter, angry even.

I'd notice things which affected me negatively with how customers could be treated by some of my fellow stall holders too - like at one MBS I saw a medium say the exact same things to 3 different customers over the course of an afternoon(we were next to them), a wonderful script to be read at £25 a shot for about 20 minutes of her time. Each walked away happily thinking that the future was cemented for them. The 'medium' was also very happy of course. I guess that its fine, the customer was happy - that's what matters isn't it?, but it gnawed at me and still does.

I've always found it difficult to be amongst people who lie; even white lies are still lies; people who scam others for cash etc, tell lies to get themselves pushed forward, the takers. And then of course there are those that will say an untruth to your face, knowing you won't call them out on it, as you don't want to argue - but then again are they worth your friendship to treat you that way? If I am at an event and I make no money, then that is how it is, I've made no money BUT there is ALWAYS something positive and I come away feeling very happy and grateful that people have taken their time to view my artwork and chat to me about it. I am very happy and grateful for the love and comments I get about it also.

Its nice to make money of course, and contrary to what others may think, I do need to make a wage. But, it's very rare I do. I turn down a lot of commissions as I need to feel comfortable about what I want to work on. If something isn't right for a potential customer then I'll say so - I won't compromise to make a penny, no matter how pretty it may be.

Anyway, I began to not like being out at many of the events. When you are surrounded by negativity it isn't a good thing for anyone. So I stepped back. I stepped back from my beloved pagan based events. For a religion/culture that is so much love and light, I was surprised to find so many without that sight, being the exact opposite, so much darkness. I stepped back from my Bardic Grade Gwersi for a much needed break. I closed Fearneve as a business. I did not want to get the beautiful spiritual side of me tarnished anymore as indeed, I had begun to feel like there was no point, when so many of those around me seemed to be the exact opposite of my thoughts and feelings. I will later cover this a little more as I feel I'm drifting from my point a little but I think you possibly get an idea of how I was feeling and why I decided to stop Fearneve. So I went back to just being me. Gaynor Lewis.

I had organised some wonderful exhibitions and events for 2020 which of course were cancelled due to the pandemic. Now, anew, I'm on a path again. My path. I still paint the magic, myth and legends, I still sculpture dragons and other extra-ordinaries and I still paint what inspires me from the Land, Sea, and Sky.

Gaynor Lewis - my signature.

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