Thoughts, dreams, creativity - in fact anything that I'm doing, thinking or thinking of doing...

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Hello and welcome to my first blog post here on my website, A little boring I know, but getting the 'formalities out of the way first so that I can plough on through. Introducing me - I'm foremost an artist, and as an artist I tend to find inspiration on such a lot of things and thus, will endeavour to create things from said inspiration. I DO paint a lot, however I also sculpt and sew and am often trying new things to do. For many, many years I've had a saying which is - you can do anything if you just try, and I've lived by that mantra for the most part, only not when prevented by any health issues that came along. So as you now know what I do, of course it doesn't simply stop there when covering my thoughts, dreams and creativity... and of course more - there's always more. I'll be voicing my thoughts over many things on my mind, my journey as an artist and what I come across in my life. My inspirations, my regrets in life, the books I'm writing, insights into the way I work and why I do it as I do and news and views. Thank you for visiting - so glad you did!

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