Title: TiK ToK


Size: Approx. 60cms x 50 cms(23.5 x 19.7 inches), 3.5 cm depth (1.5 inches depth).


Medium: Acrylic on block canvas. Gallery wrapped canvas, painted around the edges - so no need to frame, can be hung straight away! 


About this painting: 
TiK ToK is a living, magical puppet who features in a future book I've been working on called TiK ToK and the Key of Time...


All of a sudden, something caught Becky’s eye and she nudged her sister. Amy looked up. A peculiar, little person was walking down Sea Lane. They could only see his back, but what strange clothes, what strange hair and what strange, strange shoes! 

Amy blinked hard, chasing out the notion that her eyesight could be playing tricks on her in the early evening light. Clad in a light-coloured top, green and black striped trousers and an odd pair of curly black boots, he made his way down the lane towards the sea. Blue and green pointy hair moved about like seaweed waving in the tides as his head wobbled while he walked. How curious! 



TiK ToK really is a loveable character. I do hope you've enjoyed this small part of his story. 




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© Gaynor Lewis


Copyright remains with the artist.


Please note that colors may differ due to different monitor settings.

TiK ToK ~ acrylic painting

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