Terms of Use 


Important: Please message me after purchase so that I can send you your unique license number - you will need this in order to use the file.



Purchase of a license to use a particular image allows you to use that image under the terms of use. 

Your purchase of licensed artwork/photography by Gaynor Lewis entitles you to use the image purchased in your digital creations, including, but not limited to, Signature Tags, Websets, Banners, Stationery, Skins, etc. 

Your license is for personal use only.

Copyright remains with the artist.

The license is a lifetime license and so, lasts forever!


Due to the nature of the following – digital tube/images, electronic mail/downloadable content products – no refunds will be given.


* * *

• No image, design or product may be sold or used for profit in any way

• License number must be clear and legible on all creations. 

• All creations must be credited as follows:

©G Lewis, www.gaynorlewis.co.uk (your license number)

• No blank tags, stationery or websets. All tags made must have either a name or phase etc ~ Thanks, Snagged, Hello, Love It, Tracey, Lindsey… etc…etc.

• Of course you can add tubed by/tagged by/your watermark on your creation, but not the copyright symbol next to your name.

• Credit for scrapkits and backgrounds is fine – please add it as scrap kit or background by___.

• Do not share tubes/images that you have purchased a license to use – they are for your use only. Others will need to purchase a license of their own to use them.

• You cannot mix Gaynor Lewis artwork/photography with other artists work.

• You cannot print any images, online usage only.

• Tutorial usage is allowed and encouraged, all credits applied as usual.

• Feathering, animation, sparkles, blends, etc are all okay – contact if you need any verification.