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  • Where are your original paintings sold?

Original paintings can be found on my website and can be purchased directly from there. You can see some of my work in person at some select events and galleries.

  • Are all your hair products and accessories handmade?

 Yes, they are. I personally hand make each and every one of the products myself, from the cutting right up to the packaging.

  • Where are you located?

 I'm in Derbyshire, England, UK.

  • Do you offer wholesale?

  • I do consider wholesale orders sometimes - please contact with your request.

  •  I ordered from you. How long before I get it?

 I tend to ship all orders as soon as possible, usually between 1-2 days from purchase.

 I do try to send them out the same day where possible.

 Delivery times (the time when it actually reaches you) may vary, and after it leaves me it is down to the delivery company. 

 Unless you have asked for a special delivery(extra cost)then I can only give an estimate according to the delivery company, on when you should receive it. Please allow a few days either way, especially in bad weather or if you are international before contacting me regarding this.

 If you haven't received it within a week(UK) or 10 days(everywhere else), please DO get in touch. I like to know what is happening as much as possible and of course, the postal services/delivery providers should get your item to you within that time range. You paid for your item, I want to make sure you get it - simple as that. 

 If you prefer to have a special delivery and pay the extra cost, please contact. Sometimes you may be able to collect it from an event I'm attending. 

Commissions and made to order items will vary and shipping/delivery will be as soon as possible after your painting/item has been made.

  •  Oh no, my item has been damaged in the post! 

 This doesn't happen very often and so far, touch wood, its not happened with any items we've sent yet. But accidents can and do happen, so here's how it goes...

 Let me know details as soon as possible and also send me a photograph via email of the damage. I can set the ball in motion to claim your money back from the post office/delivery company for the damaged item. In some instances I can send out a replacement where possible. 

 There is ALWAYS a way to sort things out and we'd find one, whether it's a replacement item or a claim/refund or anything else WE could think of that could result in a happy ending.


 Please note that after I take the parcel to the post office or courier it is out of my hands and I'm not in control as to what happens BUT I can help before or after to the best of my abilities and your package will be wrapped well to avoid any problems that could arise.


  • Is there a different way to send/deliver purchased artwork? 

Yes, alternate delivery methods or collection can be arranged. Please contact to discuss.

  • Can I cancel my order?

I do not accept cancellations as I usually get the items packaged and/or shipped asap but please contact if you have any problems. 

  • How long until my order is shipped?

I do aim to get the orders out asap, usually within 1-2 days from purchase and where possible, the same day. However if you are in another country it may take a little longer as I usually only take a trip out to get the international deliveries sent a few times a week. You will be advised of the date which will usually be between 1-3 days instead

  • I've purchased an eGift card, where can I redeem it? 

When you purchase an eGift card from this website, it can be redeemed online at this website only. 

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