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Caring for your Hair Accessories

Scrunchie Care

You can wash your scrunchies if you wish and we advise the following: 

Hand wash: 

  • Wash by hand in a bowl or sink, using a mild washing powder or suitable soap(there are some soaps on the market which are usable with skin, clothing, hair, etc) 

  • Wash them and then rinse.

  • Lay flat to dry.

  • Do NOT bleach.

  • Do NOT tumble dry.

  • Do NOT iron.

  • Do NOT wring out satin or twist it to remove excess water, air dry for a short time and then lay flat to dry.

Bleaching, tumble drying and ironing may damage the elastic and therefore it is not advised. 


Machine washing:

  • We do not recommend machine washing but if you intend doing so we would recommend putting it in a pillowcase or similar and also put it on a delicates wash/handwash cycle at the coolest temperature. After washing we advise you to follow the instructions above.

  • Do not machine wash satin, linen, viscose, chiffon, silk, rayon or wool. Refer to hand wash recommendations. 

Storing your scrunchies:

  • We recommend that you store your scrunchies correctly if possible and we recommend that you invest in a scrunchie holder if possible. You can purchase a holder especially for this or you can buy/use a stand up kitchen towel holder(make sure there are no sharp/rough edges) and it will do the job perfectly too.

Hair Bow Care

We all love Hairbows - right? We want them to stay looking good and so throwing them into a draw is probably not a good idea. You'll go in next time and it will either look flat or if lots of other things have been placed on top, it could even come out looking creased and out of shape, so here is what we'd do:


It is best to store your Hairbows flat or on a bow holder. A bow holder can be purchased especially for the job. Or you can buy a piece of ribbon and hang it up and clip your hair bows to it - easy and organised.

Cleaning your Hairbows

If you need to clean your Hairbow, it is recommended that you only wipe them with a damp cloth as the clips are metal and could rust over time if placed in the washing machine ( as well as possibly damaging your washing machine and/or clothing) and also the fabric glues used may become unstuck over time also. 

Hair Ties Care

Our Hair Ties are made from fold over elastic and can be machine washed at a warm setting(30˚C) and tumble dried on a low setting. You can also hand wash them and air dry or lay flat. 

  • Do NOT iron or bleach

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