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Commission me for your paintings or drawings which will be created specifically for you!

 Also small hand made sculptures and you can even commission me to create some hand-knitted wrist warmers if your preferred colour if you'd like! If you see something in my shop that you like but would prefer a different colour or would like me to make or paint something similar - use the form below. 

I am pleased to offer artwork commissions to you to enable me to share my artistic skills to capture your ideas. I am also happy to offer you the chance to commission your own small sculpture. Dragons, fantasy, wildlife and more.

Commissioning your own painting or sculpture is a great way to express yourself and to add a unique and special touch to any living space.

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or to give a special and unique gift to a friend, colleague or family member, a commissioned piece of art can be an amazing way to find that special something that will be loved and cherished for years to come.

Would you like to commission your own special painting or sculpture or are you looking for a special and unique gift?

Read on for more info.

Custom projects and commissions begin with you sharing your vision with me. Simply fill out the form below and let me know what you have in mind. We'll take it from there!

I aim to provide a quick response within one business day. Once I have a better understanding of your project, we can discuss the details, timeline and cost. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to bring your ideas to life.


Pricing is based on a range of factors, including materials used, size and whether or not you need framing added. Also dependant on usage rights, is it for personal use(to hang in your home or a gift, etc) or is it for commercial use? 

I can offer flexible payment options to make it easier for you to pay for your customised artwork. 


Fill out the form below to get a quote on your commission, then, if you're happy we can get started  - let me bring your vision to life

Commissions usually range from £10 for a small hand painted pendant piece to £500+ paintings dependant on size. I offer competitive pricing which is in line with similar works in my portfolio/shop.

After you submit your request, I will provide a quote and timeline for completion. 

Upon approval, a 50% deposit is required, payable online via credit card on my website or PayPal and any taxes or/and shipping, if applicable, will be added to the deposit amount. 

  • 1 month - 12 months. This is dependant on size and complexity of the project.

  • I only accept a limited number of commissions annually, so be sure to secure your spot 2-6 months in advance.​

  • Please keep in mind that the design stage is an essential part of the process, so please allow adequate time before work on the project begins.

Fill out the form to get started with your commission quote

or alternatively scroll down for more details

By using this form, you hereby consent to being contacted via email for the purpose of commission.

Thanks for submitting! I’ll get back to you shortly.

What happens - the process of bringing your vision to life
  • You fill and send the form - make sure you add all info you think relevant. Size, preferred materials and subject matter. 

  • I will then get back to you via email to gather more in-depth details regarding the work. 

  • I will then create some initial quick sketches for your approval along with a pricing quote and timeline.

  • Once approved, I will create a special listing or invoice for a deposit and set a payment plan that works for both of us.

  • This process typically takes between day and a week as we finalise the details of your commission. 

  • Next, the final detailed sketch (if applicable/requested) will be sent to you for approval.This sketch will allow you to visualise how your painting will look and enable you to make any necessary changes before I move on to the painting stage.

  • Once the initial commission has been agreed on, any materials will be ordered if necessary. After which, space for you commission will be prepared.  

  • Now the 'arting' begins.

  • You will receive progress photos at least once a week until completion.

  • After completion, you will receive a final photo of the work for approval, after which, shipping/delivery/collection of your commission will be arranged.

Commission FAQs
  • Are you currently open for commissions?

  •  This button says Yes! ->

  • This button will change to No and red when I'm not open for commissions.


  • Can I commission an artwork similar to another artists work I've seen?

  • No! All artists work is copyrighted so it would be wrong to do so from a legal point of view as well as being a really horrible   thing to do morally.

  • Can I commission an artwork similar to one that you've already done?

  • Yes!

  • Will you paint/sculpt anything I request? 

  • No.

  • Please look at my art and make sure you recognise the style of my work as that will show in your commission. You are commissioning me to paint your vision in my own unique style. You should always choose an artist whose style works for your particular idea. 

  • Also anything I feel is negative which I would feel wrong to paint or create would be refused. 

  • What about revisions to the work?

  • I am usually happy to make revisions to the work within reason. Small adjustments. My aim is to get the work completed for you within the timeline quoted and revisions, especially big ones, could throw this out. I had one many years ago that I worked on for 2 months, when nearing completion they decided they wanted the figures they'd asked me to paint to be placed in a theatre on a stage with the audience watching on - from them being in a dead end street on a dark night! I said no and stopped the work. The change would have meant me starting from scratch again and 2 months wasted already. So basically, some reviews which are reasonable is quite usual and expected, massive changes from the initial agreement are not!

  • Any other questions? - please contact using the form above 





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