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Artist Bio

Unveiling the creative path: a discovery of palette and purpose.



Born in England, UK, Gaynor spent the first part of her life living in Somercotes, Derbyshire, before emigrating to New South Wales in Australia. Like other artists, Gaynor began early as a young child exploring ways to create wonderful pictures of the things she loved, especially finding the Australia so vibrant and colourful. Her older sister first introduced her to magic of art and she spent many, many hours drawing with her. This marked the start of a wonderful and colourful journey into the art world and creativity.


She returned to Somercotes in the UK in the early 70’s and went through her school years, eventually doing her art o’level with a hope to do something in the arts. She was also a keen and accomplished dancer and choreographed some performances, winning awards for her work. However, her journey veered away from this. Advised to go into one of the local industries to work instead, as it was a ‘real’ job, she embarked on becoming a lockstitch machinist but moved to other things often as she wasn’t completely happy.  


The journey finally became real in the 1990s, when she started licensing and selling some of her pieces. Despite struggling with health issues, Gaynor continued to create art and focused on it as a form of healing. Her paintings are inspired by nature and spirituality, taking viewers on a journey through land, sea, and sky.

Not entirely self-taught, Gaynor pulled away from art tuition, not liking the stricter structure it offered in both style and subject, instead preferring to develop her own unique style with no restrictions to her ideas. Her uncle, Artist Eric Shepherd was an important and big influence in her growth as an artist over the years, giving her help and guidance as needed.

Gaynor draws inspiration from the world around her, and with a deep appreciation for the natural world, her paintings capture the beauty and wonder of the outdoors. 

She is often drawn to ancient and undisturbed places, loving the sense of timelessness and enchantment that she feels there. Her work often has a mystical feel to it, transporting the viewer to a magical world through her eyes. 

From her home in Derbyshire, Gaynor Lewis continues to create art which captures the essence of the natural world. 

“As an artist, I’ve produced unique pieces of art for over twenty years and all of my work is created right here, in Derbyshire.


Through my art, I hope to inspire others to connect with nature and to appreciate the wonder and magic of the world around us. 


My work is a reflection of my deep love and appreciation of the environment and the beauty that surrounds us. I hope that my work inspires and beings a sense of joy and happiness to others, just as it does to me.”


Gaynor has exhibited both nationally and internationally and also attends a few select events yearly with her work.

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