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Happy New Year and intentions ahead...

Happy new Year!

It's an exciting new year ahead for me as I venture (back) into an older career of mine to teach dance.

It is quite likely that my painting will become more of a part-time thing, as dance will require a significant amount of time and effort as it's not just about showing up for classes and teaching steps, but also about the study of technique, terminology and steps studying as well as practicing everyday.

So, with that said -

It's the start of a brand new year and this year I'm setting out my intentions for the year with something of a plan for my artwork!

I have an exhibition coming up in August which I am getting ready for. I'm quite excited about the theme which is covering Seascapes and Sea Life.

The ocean has always held a special place in my heart, and, as an artist, the theme of Seascapes and Sea Life is a perfect opportunity for me to explore and capture these elements in my artwork.

I am looking forward to sharing my love for the ocean and its inhabitants with others through my artwork.

Because of this I'm setting out my work for this year so that I don't get side-tracked, which is really easy to do!

All new work for this year is as follows:

  • Seascapes

  • Sea Life

  • Landscapes

  • Fairy Houses

I am unsure as to if I will be doing many or any events this year, but some of my work will be available at Leabrooks Art Complex and The Gallery at Jacksdale.

I may also be adding a few workshops to my schedule, after I work out something fab to paint in around 4 hours or so! Places will be limited for these, and will likely cover one of the themes that I'm currently working on. Updates will be given accordingly.

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