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My shipping terms in finer detail...

Each of our items have individual shipping fees but when you go through checkout you will be charged for only 1 of them - the highest one. This means we keep the costs down for you

  • Each product has an individual shipping charge but you will only be charged for the highest shipping charge to cover your entire order. 

For example: 

You order - 2 scrunchies at £4.00 each and 1 necklace at £9.00  (individual postage is £2.00 on each of the scrunchies and £2.50 on the necklace. 

The highest shipping charge is £2.50 and this is the total amount of shipping you will pay.

Your sub total is £17.00, plus £2.50 - total payment due = £19.50.

Postage is NEVER free and I aim to be as transparant as possible. There are some who claim to offer free shipping but it almost always means that they've added it to the main price - meaning that you pay for it on each and every item.

I find that by doing it the way I've chosen, it gives the customer the best way to save on their purchases. The usual price of items is exactly that if the item is collected direct from me at an event. If the item needs to be sent to you and the postage cost added, then you will pay just the one price for all your purchases over one transaction.

In other words, whether you purchase 1 or 21 cards, it would be the highest shipping cost for one - which would apply to all, so £1.50 total shipping fee, 2nd class delivery!

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